The beauty and cosmetics industry is a booming market with skincare being one of the largest categories in the cosmetics industry and haircare being one of the top categories in the beauty market. Many beauty and skincare product aisles in department stores and supermarkets are filled with an array of similar if not the same products, such as the popular and commonly used skin foundation as well as other beauty products like nail polishes, hair gels, hairsprays, mascaras, eyeliners and concealers. The skincare department does not fall short on products either, with a vast selection of jar and bottled moisturizers, serums, creams and toners. With such a large selection of products to choose from, one of the first things consumers will look at before making their decision of which product to purchase is the product packaging.

Cosmetic packaging and skincare products’ boxes are what attract shoppers, not just how they look, but how they feel too. Skin foundation boxes, nail varnish and nail care boxes, eye makeup boxes, skincare boxes and hair care boxes are the most commonly used packaging boxes used in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Leading beauty and cosmetic companies spend a substantial amount of money to package their products as the design of the packaging box is a leading way that affects whether consumers will buy their product or not.

Customizable boxes with your own designs

A sleek and luxurious feeling and high end looking packaging box along with your brands design, will attract a customer when walking down the cosmetics aisle, once your packaging have attracted their attention, they are more compelled to buy your products as your packaging represents your brand. Whether you are just starting off or you want to change your packaging, we have many types of boxes for you to choose from.

Display packaging boxes or window boxes are perfect if you want to display beauty products such as lipsticks or eye shadows to allow your consumers to see the shades of colors you offer or you can customize the drawer boxes or flip boxes for a more premium and modern aesthetic to your packaging. Customizable boxes always come in handy. You can have your design printed onto the custom box so your packaging box will coincide with your brand, which can increase interest in your brand from your consumers and increase customer loyalty. You can design your cosmetic and beauty boxes any way you like!

Cosmetic and beauty boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Go for only high quality and robust materials boxes, ensuring sufficient strength and durability to hold your cosmetic and skincare products. Now there is a wide range of materials to choose from, top quality cardstock, art paper or chipboards as well as several finishes, coatings and laminations to create your ideal and suitable custom cosmetic box.

Amy Jonah